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Welcome to Australia, the Land Down Under. Australia is south of the Equator, in the Southern hemisphere, and from our perspective in the Northern hemisphere it looks far below on the globe, "down under".

This is a unique country in many ways. To start with, it is a whole continent in itself! The spectacular environment, its unique fauna, the history and lifestyle, the traditional Aboriginal culture and its distance from our own country, among many other peculiar aspects, make it a very special corner of the world to discover. Join me in this daring experience and have fun!


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Explore Australia, the land down under, and learn English at the same time. Click on the yellow kangaroo sign on the right column to learn how to use this site. Then, follow the trail step by step in order to complete the whole route around Australia. Get started!

First contact with Australia

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Begin your journey with some music and images of this vast continent. Get ready for an extraordinary expedition across the sixth largest country in the world. Enjoy the views!

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Australia quiz

quiz icon What do you know about Terra Australis Incognita, as the Romans called it? It was only in 1824 when the country got the official name of Australia. Check your knowledge with the following quiz and learn some basic facts about this amazing country.

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Check out this video about the activities carried out during Australia Week at IES Las Marinas.

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