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Storytelling is an essential part of life for Aboriginal Australians. From an early age, storytelling plays a crucial role in children's education. Dreamtime stories tell about the sacred time when the ancestral spirits created the world. These stories explain how the land was shaped and inhabited, how children and adults should behave, how to use the natural resources like plants and animals for survival, etc. Adults use the stories as the initial part of a child's education. Then, as children grow into young adults, they learn more about the history and culture. All parts of Aboriginal Culture are explained through stories, retold over the years, and passed down from generation to generation. These are stories of the history and culture of the people, handed down in this way since the beginning of time, since the Dreamtime.


The following are five Dreamtime stories selected from a wide collection. They are very representative of the Aboriginal beliefs and values.

story 1 story 2 story 3
story 4 story 5
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